03 February 2011

There Once Was a Cat

There once was a cat from Grimes County
Who wished for a home with more bounty
Than a big barn with no A/C vent.
So off to indoor heaven she went.

She gladly slept in bed with master
Although not so much a real master;
More of a servant who scoops the blight
And provides kitty yum yums at night.

After years of pampering daily,
Master brought a new pet named Baby
That required so much of their glee
Grimes County Cat decided to flee.

But as she remembered life outside,
She quickly decided to abide.
She thought, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"
So started her job as head warden:

All hardy-har-hars as a result of this priceless picture are courtesy of my friend and yours, Sarah Dawn. Here's hoping you shoot Coke out your nose when you see it.


  1. Sarah Dawn2/03/2011

    oh yay we made the blog! and what a witty little poem you concocted! but my question is...where is the picture of sadie getting her morning drink?? ;-)

  2. I figured I'd better pace myself. ;)