02 February 2011

What I Wanna Know

Hi. I'm a new mama. I'm fumbling around here and trying to figure out a new routine, a new normal, and a way to make everyone happy, without missing out on the good stuff! Wait, lemme start over: Hi. I'm Houdini. Hyuck.

So this is what I wanna know: how do you handle supper at night? Do you make supper every night? Does your husband? Who cooks? Are you cooking, or are you eating sandwiches? What time do you get home, and how does the cooking correlate with making time for baby, toddler, etc. and bedtime?

I need some insight. Some ideas. Some input.

If I don't get some fresh ideas and an epiphany soon, we're doomed to a life of Ramen in the Dark.

Pretty please don't leave me hangin'!!


  1. I sent you an email in your hotmail account. Let me know if you don't get it or if you don't have that email account anymore! :)

  2. I see that I DID get your email! I'm about to dive in and read it now...thank you...you never disappoint! =)

  3. Just wanted to say GRACIAS to everybody that emailed me! Little Miss Susie Homemaker should be arriving soon...or some small percentage of her....