30 March 2011

Horse Carousel

What a view. I know the quality of this picture is less than poor, but it's from a cell phone. A very old cell phone, in fact. Probably the first strain that actually took pictures! One day, I'll probably regret that most of the pictures we have are from cell phones, but they're just so convenient and easy. On second thought, I don't think I'll regret it at all. I think I'll just be glad to have the images in the first place.

B sent this picture to me one day while I was at work. It caused me physical pain. I wanted to leave and head for Piedmont immediately. I wanted to watch, to lay in the grass, to sit on the truck bed and read or color, to nap outside, to walk around, to float in the pond, to follow him around, to soak up sunshine....

Instead, I just looked at this picture every half hour or so. He was out in Piedmont, training horses, exercising horses, schooling horses, and having the time of his life. Just like he does every time he's in Piedmont, every time he's working with a horse, and every time he's not cooped up indoors.

These horses are all star pupils, apparently. They're all standing quietly and still, waiting for instruction...nary a one is pawing the ground or setting back...all good news. They all seem to be content enjoying the shade of my swing tree.

Lucky equines.

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