29 March 2011

It's Not Our Anniversary

It's not his birthday, either. Or mine, for that matter.

It's Tuesday.

He's at the station, Katie is with her grandma, the money is tight, the projects at the farm and in Piedmont are still there, and it might rain.

But isn't he cute?

I love that he's a cowboy.
I love that he likes to eat waffles in the morning.
I love that he's a fireman.
I love that he calls the baby Tootie.
I love that, in his opinion, everything is always great.
I love that he works hard all the time.
I love that he chews gum while he drives.
I love that he loves animals.
I love that he makes grilled cheese and scrambled eggs for a snack.
I love that he likes everybody. Really.
I love that he says "Hey Girl!" in a rogue-ish voice when he sees me.
I love that he trains and rides horses as easily as I'm typing this.
I love that he'll be home tomorrow morning.
I love that his name is Brady.

And now, for something a little less sappy: BlueBell is going to be rolling out a new flavor April 1st, and I'm going to be STANDING. IN. LINE! Homemade in the Shade. Vanilla with chocolate syrup ALREADY IN IT. Those are lovely words, my friends. Lovely words....


  1. Check the store b/c I saw some Made in the Shade last night at Kroger way up here in Granbury! Why I didn't buy any...I'm not sure regretting it right about now!
    P.S. LOVE that picture and love your love for Brady :)

  2. Saw it in my Wal-Mart last night too!!!

  3. Well, it looks as if my small town grocery is a little behind...I scoured the shelves for the new flavor, but no luck. =( I had to settle for Dutch Chocolate. =)