08 March 2011

Misty, Muddy-Colored Memories

So many things are flying at me from the core of this picture. I'm not sure where to start...the homemade Cabbage Patch dolls, the plethora of stuffed animals and dolls I can't seem to part with, the gold garland, the construction paper ornaments, the very shiny hair, the dramatic and soulful look I'm sharing with the camera (What is the deal, kid?!), or the footie pajamas. I know you can't see the feet, but trust me: FOOTIE PAJAMAS.

My entire childhood, I think I assumed that many Cabbage Patch dolls looked just like ours. I was way past the time of affectionately toting mine around before I realized that this was not run of the mill, but please notice how their features are set to match ours exactly. Well, as exactly as yarn comes, anyway. On our summer vacations to Colorado, these girls rode along. They were even seat belted into the third seat of the suburban...hello! Safety first! They wore our old baby clothes, sat in our laps, and called us Ma. Mine did, anyway.

Does anyone recognize the crying baby doll that's sliding out of my lap? Mouth wide open, ready to bawl if you lean her back just far enough. Pick her up...she stops. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! She looks a little perturbed in this picture...she's all runnin' out of room and wishin' Care Bear would shove over, for cryin' out loud. Sister, on the other hand, goes for simplicity. Just one doll, thanks. Over and out. That's all I need. Well, that...and a thumb. Because it's cute.

Raise your hands, please, if you call the gold stuff on the tree tinsel. Oh, only one hand went up...Laura's? Ah. That's because it's called GARLAND, sweetie. GAR.LAND. Tinsel is silvery and wispy and supposed to look like I don't know what...icicles? Dripping rain or snow? The fluff pictured here that leaves gold, sparkly trails all over your shag carpeting is garland.

I wonder which Christmas this was? The one with the dollhouse? The one with the almost Barbie Dream House? The one with the beanbag chairs? The one with the bikes with some other girls' name on them? Who knows...but I'm sure it was happy. All the Christmases were happy and fun...shiny, bowl-cut hair and all. (It's possible that the part separating my bangs from the rest of my hair started right below my shoulder blades, but I'm not real sure.)


  1. OMG! I am cracking up over here. Tinsel my butt. It's garland!!!! I feel like I am in the room with you telling this story. Ahhh the memories. I love reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment, babe! And you're hired! For what, I don't know, but you're hired! And you get first place! hahahahaha! =)

  3. laura beth3/11/2011

    Well, as it turns out, we are both correct (or incorrect)! Check out these definitions from Wikipedia...


    And that other stuff that looks like icicles? Well, they are ICICLES! :-)

  4. You, on the other hand, are fired.


  5. that gold stuff on that tree is most definitely TINSEL! the silver stringy things that eventually end up all over the floor or in a fresh pile of cat puke are known as ICICLES!

  6. Heather3/12/2011

    i'll be the tiebreaker. TINSEL wins!

  7. I don't think this is a fair debate, since TWO of you grew up in the same household (that didn't know the difference between garland and tinsel). ;)