24 March 2011

To Add to Her Resume

This is an old picture, but I'm trying to squeeze in as many of my favorites as possible, for posterity. I love the expression on her face in this picture...I also love how her feet look like her socks are stuffed full of marbles - or rocks? or potatoes? or cotton balls? - they look huge! I'm guessing that comes from pulling your socks off no less than five thousand times in five minutes and stretching out the socks within an inch of their life. I believe she was going in for the five thousandth and first (thousandth?) tug as this picture was snapped.

She still spends a little time in this bouncy seat, although it's been relocated to our bedroom. She sits (yah, right) in it while I fix the bed. Then, she gets moved over to the bed for maximum movement opportunities while Mama gets dressed for work. Letting her roam free on the bed while I get dressed is a little bit like playing air hockey with myself while I try to get dressed.

I try to set her on her bottom. She stiffens up, so she can stand. At which point she looks towards the mirror and grins enough for all of Texas; so pleased with herself. So we stand there looking at each other and in the mirror for a few minutes. I finally coax her into a sitting position, and she sits there sweetly, just long enough for me to make it to the closet and turn around. As I reach for dress pants and a shirt, I turn around and see she is trying to crawl...on all fours, rocking back and forth.

When this doesn't immediately work, she just flops over and starts rolling all around. First, to my side. I rush over to block her getting too close to the edge. She looks up and smiles and grabs her feet, like she's done. I go back to the closet for shoes. I turn around, and she maneuvering to Brady's side. I rush over to block her getting too close to the edge. She looks up and smiles and grabs her feet, like she's done. This continues up until I've finished dressing; me darting from one side of the bed to the other.

And that is my daily workout. The end.

When she's in the bouncy seat, she's got all kinds of tricks. As soon as I get her in it, she immediately lunges forward, so that the "harness" will be loose on her when I'm done. Just like a horse you're trying to saddle...suckin' in air, so that the belly is big and full when the saddle's being adjusted...helps keep it nice and roomy for later.

Once she's in there, she can reach far enough to hit all of the controls on the front...she can change the bouncing speed, the radio station, or turn it off all together. She's quite the contortionist.

I fear she's on the precipice of being done with this piece of baby furniture. Which means I'll have to find a place to store it.

Wonder if the cats would enjoy it?


  1. Ahhh...the storage of all the stuff. This will stay with you for ever. I pack and repack stuff in and out trying to decide whether to keep it or not, and then if I decide to then where will it fit. Bouncy seats, bassinets, walkers, high chairs and all those lovely gadgets never seem to store very well. My advice...have your children close together, then you never have to put them away and get them back out. You can just sell it when your done with that stage.

  2. How close together are we talking? Because I think I just went into a little bit of shock...can you go into a little bit of shock?