16 March 2011

What I Wanna Know

Do you take naps? If you do, are they catnaps or full-on drool fests?

I take a lot of naps. A lot of catnaps. I've become quite proficient at the 20-minute sleep. If I have spare time during my lunch hour? Catnap. (relax...not at my desk!) If I'm home with the baby on the weekends and she's napping? Catnap. If I get to take a bath at night? Catnap. If the alarm goes off, but it's still kind of early, and the baby isn't up yet? Catnap. (I like to call this catnapping, not hitting the snooze button.) If we're driving somewhere and the baby is asleep in the car seat? Catnap. (only when I'm being chauffeured, of course)

What would really feel good, however, would be to give myself over to the snore and nap for a good three, four hours...at least. I can imagine crawling into the bed, with the cool sheets, windows wide open, and a silent house. My house would have to be emptied of all life. Ever since K's birth, every little thing wakes me up: the sound of the refrigerator door closing, the click of the back door, the sound of someone turning the bathroom light on, the pantry door opening, B breathing too loudly, the cats dreaming...you get the idea.

I think I just accidentally fell asleep for a second, thinking about those cool, aqua-colored sheets....


  1. I am so with you on the catnap bit. I love naps, but rarely get to really sleep. Every little noise wakes me up. When I was young I could sleep through anything, which I have passed down to my daughter, but apparently that gift has worn off. I usually fall asleep from 9:30 to about 11:00 and then the hubby comes to bed so there are lights and doors and movement in general and then I'm up for another hour or two and then finally sleep until Luke wakes up. I just want to sleep.

  2. Oh. Let's start a club. Entry fee is one pillow.

    Up until the baby, I never had trouble sleeping. Now? I wake up, because I'm hot. Then, I wake up two hours later, because I hear a dog barking or a donkey braying. Then, I wake up because B is in the middle of the bed, and I'm hanging on for dear life. Then, I wake up at 3 AM, because his alarm is going off. Then? He sweetly tells me bye at 4 AM, and I'm awake again. And darn it if that dog isn't STILL barking! I imagine the donkey kicking it.... Then, I take pillow and blanket and move to the bathroom floor, with the heater or ventilator on. And I lay there, waiting to hear the baby cry. It's good times. Lemme tell ya'....