28 March 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...

...or Monday, makes no matter.

I see the What I Wore Wednesday posts on blogs, and I can't help it: I automatically look down to see what I'm wearing. I would never be brave enough to post pictures of myself, but after hearing in my head how the description of the outfit sounds, I would maybe have to, just to convince whomever is reading (and myself) that I don't look quite as ragamuffin as I sound.

At least, I hope not.

And if I do...Someone, speak up!

Take today, for example: shoes are black flats from Payless, bought when pregnant with Katie, when comfort for work became necessary...no more heels or slides at that point; dress pants (Mama would call 'em SLACKS.) are from Express, actually quite nice...bought, lemme count now...SEVEN YEARS AGO; 3/4 length sleeved plum shirt is from a birthday gift card, and right before I started typing, I pulled a loose string on the sleeve, and I am now unraveling.

And I haven't checked a mirror yet, but here's betting there's something on me somewhere from lunch....

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