13 April 2011

The Fix-Up

And I don't mean Cupid-style!

Sometime over a year ago, my generous parents started the project of fixing up my grandparents' little farmhouse for my family to live in once Brady started the fire academy. This meant I'd be close to my parents while pregnant and while Brady was gone every week at the academy, and I'd have help once the baby arrived. So I've come full circle...I started my life out in the country, and here I am, once again. And it makes me really happy. I'm more at home out in the middle of nothing in a way that I have never been in town. I've had the opportunity of enjoying the conveniences of "big" city life while in college and during my first jobs, but I always knew it wasn't where I'd want to stay. The country is home.

I like going outside in my pajamas at any time of day or night...I like living with the windows wide open all day, every day...I like seeing our horses, cats, and cows from every window.

This picture shows about as much of the work I did to help, save painting for a couple of days. And there's a baby hidden under that gigantic jacket somewhere! Most of my help came in the form of lounging on my parents' couch, swollen feet propped up on their coffee table, and calling and texting back and forth: What are y'all doing now? How does it look? Do you need more paint? Anybody need a drink?

In this picture, I'm sanding kitchen cabinet doors. I hope to post some before and after pictures soon....

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