28 April 2011

Happy Easter

Could you eat her up with a spoon, or what??? My sister took this picture on Great-Grandma's front porch Easter Sunday. I'm very grateful for all the shots she gets with her camera and her cell phone...times when I'm too tired or not thinking or busy keeping the baby off the edge of the nearest cliff.

Those pink cheeks, blue eyes, blonde hair, and the expression on that mouth...this is going to be trouble. She's just so sweet and easygoing and cooperative. She spent the longest time just sitting in my lap in the swing on the porch, playing with a plastic cup and watching her cousins hunt Easter eggs. Always so busy soaking up the world....

Speaking of soaking up the world, she got a big ol' dose yesterday evening. After I got home from work, B took us both for a jeep ride in the pasture to check the cows. He's got this new old army jeep that he's fixing up for farm use. Once K's pink beach hat was strapped in place, we were both boosted up into the "passenger seat." Otherwise known as a piece of plywood balanced on the metal bars where the seat is supposed to go. It's a good thing I'm so acrobatic.

Alrighty then.

Alas, have no fear: he went slow enough for us to pick blades of grass as we drove by, if we so desired. And the ride was smooth as my legs after two weeks of razor strike.

During the entire field trip, Baby faced me and just snuggled up under my neck, looking out at the scenery and smiling, happy as she wanted to be.

I was sure the loud motor of the jeep or the bumpy ride would scare her a little, but no. She always surprises me.

B and I are already picturing her, a few years from now, freckled, pig-tailed, and riding her pony all over the place. Doesn't that paint a really heavenly scene?

I think so...but then I have heart failure, imagining her riding a pony all by herself, too fast, across the craggy terrain of the pasture in the middle of bulls and protective mama cows and hidden snakes and sharp rocks tucked between the grass and dangerously close to barbed wire fencing and within throwing distance of pirate ships and wookies (What's a wookie?) and two steps from Nessie and ENTIRELY too friendly with Big Foot and ....

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