06 April 2011

Oatmeal Facials

I hear they're all the rage, which explains why Baby Girl has the sweetest baby cheeks ever.

Her daddy sent me this picture the other morning, while he was feeding her breakfast. I felt such a rush of happiness when I got it...happy that he has a schedule that allows him to stay with her when her grandma can't...happy that it was a sunny day...happy that she was getting to lounge in her pajamas...happy that she was having a good time with her daddy...happy that she was eating so well (she gets that from her mother)....

The caption on the picture said: There is oatmeal everywhere.

How is it that there always seems to be more oatmeal everywhere when Daddy is behind the cup? Not sure...but what I am sure of is that everything is different and more fun when Daddy gets his turn.

Last weekend, B got up with the baby, so that I could sleep in...this meant he fed her breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw that the highchair was over by the dining room window, facing the great outdoors. He said that she loved watching everything going on outside...the leaves blowing in the wind, the sun shining, the cats playing, the new baby colt running, the blue-eyed mare....

I imagine she did; I always feed her in the kitchen. Why didn't I think of that?

Over the course of the same weekend, we had all of the windows open in the house, enjoying the spring breeze. Whenever I open the big double windows in our room, I always pull the curtains all the way back, so that I can see the view. This particular day, however, B opened the windows, but he left those curtains closed. They spent the entire weekend dancing in the wind and making this gentle swooshing sound as they moved...the baby was mesmerized by it, and I was lulled by the sound.

It was so pretty. I think I may be adopting this habit from now on...why did this never occur to me?

Last week, a true friend brought me a half gallon of that new BlueBell flavor, HomeMade in the Shade. That very night, I ate ice cream for supper, since B was at the station. It was scrumdillyicious.

Ice cream for supper is fantastic...I think this is something else I'll be adopting from now on. Why this didn't dawn on me sooner, I sure don't know.


  1. This was such a sweet post! I really enjoyed reading it.Really like your blog. Glad I found it!

  2. Alicia...you're so kind! I hope you keep coming back! Going to check out Eco Friendly Homemaking now.... =)