29 April 2011

A Picture Reel

So, I guess this would illustrate the number one way NOT to strap your baby into a car seat and tote her all over Creation.

No fear! We only hauled her like this twice.


She likes to feel the wind whipping in her hair.

Seriously...I guess I don't need to detail that my husband put her back there. We'd made a fairly early morning trip to church back in October to go over her Baptism details, and on the way out, he had to hunt for keys (we were driving my parents' vehicle for some reason), so he just..stowed her.

And look what else she gets from her mama! (besides her eyes and her thighs) That leg over the covers bit. It's like a little A/C when it's just a hair stuffy under that blanket. Just throw that leg out there, and everything feels ventilated.

Isn't it funny how parents (it's just me, isn't it?) see a little mannerism or movement in their baby and immediately use it as proof positive that YES, that is DEFINITELY my child! I do that! When, in fact, over half the population probably rockets their leg out the side of the bed sheet. But still. It's sweet, yes?

And she says, "What of it?"

In only the politest way, of course. Me thinks she might be slightly peeved at how her reddish-tinted hair seriously clashed with the orange trim of one of her Halloween outfits.

As you could see from the earlier Easter post, she no longer sports the red locks...she's careening more toward blonde at the moment. My prediction is that she'll land somewhere in the Land of Dishwater.


She is definitely my child.

This will forever be one of my favorite pictures. I was in the process of decorating the Christmas tree (my first real tree experience!), and Daddy was entertaining the wee one. So, as George crooned us some Christmas-y lyrics, he started dancing with her, but she was a little small. It turned into swaying. She just stared and stared at him...and then went to sleep. He danced her right into dreamland....

There she is! Watching her purple and green "buddyflies." That's what I call them. She likes it.

Really. She does. She told me so.

I say, "Katie...where are your buddyflies?" And she leans forward and barely tips one on the wing, grinning, and the whole lot of 'em go spinning around.

She wasn't near leaning or tipping anything in this picture, though. She was so brand new and just stretching her limbs and soaking up some sweet sunshine in her bedroom. I love this picture. If only a horse had passed by the window at the right moment, I would think it wasn't real....

And if I remember correctly, she was rockin' Metallica's Lullaby CD during this repose.

And just in case the sweetness hasn't eaten you alive yet, there's the blessed sight of a baby sleeping, all wrapped in a soft little blanket. Bliss.

Never wake a sleeping baby.

Thank you.

And just in case this post paints babies as all rainbows, fairies, and chocolate dip cones, get a gander at this:

Is that pretty, or what? I mean, I think that is just really good-lookin'. My legs aren't really that white, by the way. The camera must have washed out my tan.

I'm frightened just looking at it.

IT happens to be a snap of my nearly full-term calves, ankles, feet, and toes, propped up on a bolt of leather (what else?), in the cramped backseat of the hemi, right after a good friend's wedding. My thinking was that the elevation would help matters before we descended upon the reception.

I was wrong.

Nothing helped.

Nothing but giving birth, that is.

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