01 April 2011

The Three-Month TaDo TaDa

One has to wonder: is she truly just interested in showing off all the tongue she owns, or is she making a farce of this whole picture-taking charade?

There it is again. Stinker. Look at those little hands gripping our fingers.

Obviously, she's just having that much fun!

The whole ordeal was mostly painless and quick. I had so much anxiety over the session...it was our first big outing with her, where I had to pack to be gone for a while, other than doctor visits. (Yes, my baby is sheltered. More on that in a moment.) Since the beginning, I have always been so nervous that she would cry a lot if we went anywhere, and I wouldn't be able to soothe her. It ended up being a waste of energy - imagine that - but it was just one of those things I had to get over...otherwise, we'd still be sitting in our living room, rooted into the leather.

But she did great! And I didn't pass out or freak out all over the backdrop. Although she didn't much care for the part where she had to lose the diaper. Little Miss Modesty. And then Mama ended up with wet jeans. Oh well. They've seen worse (all Gap jeans circa 2002-ish), and all the pictures were from the waist up...yay!

I kept asking B if he was tickling her in that last picture to get her to laugh so big, but he says no.

Happy baby.

And on the subject of that last picture...is his hand huge, or what? I have a dear friend that once said his hand was big enough to rival one of those foam fingers at a sporting event. That had me donkey braying for a good ten minutes.

Love those strong, hard-working hands!

And so a little commentary on how sheltered our sweet girl is: We went to Arkansas to visit family last weekend, and at one point, I was standing at the kitchen sink, with her on my hip. The window above the sink faces the street, and cars were driving by pretty quickly. Her eyes got huge, and all she could do was stare back and forth at them. I pointed this out to B, so he took her outside for a closer look.

He - nor her uncle - could believe we had to bring our country baby to Arkansas, of all places, to get a gander at traffic.

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