03 May 2011

Misty, Muddy-Colored Memories

So, the memory is definitely misty (we were poolside), but not nearly as muddy (this was less than two years ago).

And I know...Stacey poolside is like Stacey on a rocket ship.

This looks a little like a paparazzi photo. I can see the headlines now: COWBOY & INSIDE GIRL SPOTTED POOLSIDE, FULLY-CLOTHED & FRECKLING AD NAUSEUM.

Incidentally, per Webster's, ad nauseum means to a sickening and disgusting degree. Really. That's what it says.

Man. That's severe.

I ran across this picture of us in Arkansas at our nephew's first birthday party and couldn't quit staring at it. It wasn't even two years ago, but so much has changed since that photo was taken. We moved twice, Brady started and finished the fire academy, we got pregnant, we had a baby, and our brains exploded. We look so unsuspecting in this picture. We had no idea what was about to hit us.

If we had, I think this photo would have looked a little different. We'd probably both be curled up on lounge chairs, asleep, trying to bank as much as possible.

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