18 May 2011

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So, I went to see one of my best friends in the hospital yesterday...she just had her second daughter, and boy! Is she ever LITTLE! She weighs about the same as my baby weighed at birth (see most adorable picture to the left there...no licking her sweet cheek through the screen, please thanks), but for some reason, she looks very tiny. I guess I've gotten very used to my "big" baby! I forgot how little they start out. And how breakable. And squirmy. Except when they're not, and then you can't stop putting your hand to their chest or back JUST TO MAKE SURE.

Baby K is really lucky that those baby fingers made it to nine months. She's lucky I didn't kiss 'em smooth off her hand. And who can guess what those hands are capable of doing NOW?!

In this day and age of cell phones, iPads, and all those other whatchacallits, it's really no wonder, and I'm sure Baby K isn't alone in this, but....

My baby can send picture mail.

You heard me.

Baby K (often known as The Life Changer) and I were sitting on the couch yesterday evening, just playing around, and I let her punch around on my phone. Which was turned off. But then I hear that "ding-dern-ding!" that signals it is TURNING ON. At this point, I reprimand: "You little turkey leg stinker poo with sweet little bow lips and oochie koochie mama loves you...."

Five minutes later, my phone goes off with a text message. It's from my sister, commenting on the baby picture I just sent her. Only I didn't. The baby did. She somehow managed to send the screensaver picture to her auntie.

"Dumplin', did you send Auntie a picture mail?"

Blink. Blink. Grin.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now here: pay these bills for Mama...."

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