26 May 2011

Where did she get those feet?

Where did you get those feet, baby girl? And where do you plan on getting shoes to fit them?! Perhaps Auntie Heather could start making you shoes, along with the bags, dresses, bloomers, bows, blankets, etc. that she generously outfits you with on a regular basis. When Auntie has her baby girl one day, your closet will wither and die.

Except it won't! Because Auntie Lesley will be there, with all the quilts and pillows and pictures and videos and outfits and pink stuff. It's a good thing you have the two of them. It's a good thing that I have the two of them. I just get to sit back and go, "Awww!"

This is a picture of you, sitting in the Pack N Play (PLAYPEN) with your girl Tootie. You become so ecstatic when you see her. There's the wide opening of your mouth, the happy giggle laugh, the squeal, the grabbing of her, the stuffing of her to your face, and the kissing of her with your mouth wide open. It's glorious to watch. You probably learned that from me. That's exactly what I do when I see you or your daddy:

I get ecstatic, giggle, squeal, grab y'all, drag y'all closer to me, and slop sugar. It's nothing if not sloppy.

Your younger cousin, Jonathan, has bigger feet than you do (it's all in the toes), and he's four months younger! So you definitely do not get your feet from the same place as he does. I don't know that my feet are so small, really. 5 1/2 in boots, 6 in dress shoes, and 6 1/2 in tennies. Why is that, by the way? I can usually never remember which is which...last time I tried on shoes, I just said: "Bring me everything you have between a 5 1/2 and a 6 1/2, and hold that little pantyhose bootie thing."

Your great aunt, however, has teensy feet. She's the one that's our neighbor. I'm sure you'll be terrorizing her here shortly, just as soon as you can walk and run. (Aunt Kay...lock your door!) I think she wears somewhere around a size 4, but it's been a while since I quizzed her on her dogs.

That's what your daddy sometimes calls them. You can ask him why later.

So maybe you get your feet from your maternal grandma's side of the family! It would be interesting to know, wouldn't it? It'll also be interesting to figure out if freezer tape or duct tape will keep your shoes on your feet better, too. Not that you're wearing any yet.

Hi, Heather Armstrong! My baby is a hobo, too!

Please read her book. It's laugh out loud funny.

I just don't see why you need shoes if you can't even walk yet, and all you do when you have socks on is take them off and try to digest them.

I think Tootie's feet might actually be bigger than yours....

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