07 June 2011

Hi. I worry a lot.

For the first couple of months of K's little life, she went to daycare. When her grandmother would finish at school, she would go to the daycare, pick her up, take her home with her, and keep her until I got there after work. Most every evening, by the time I got to her, she was sleeping, just like in the picture. Completely knocked out and exhausted! I spent so much time being so worried about her needing more sleep...but that all seems so long ago now...I can't bear to think about how tired she always was! But a recent event reassured me that, despite my worries, the baby is more than fine. She is thriving, and everything is okay:

When I got home from work yesterday evening, I came down the driveway, and what blessed sight met my eyes?

My husband.

In a blow-up pool from The Wal-Mart.

But wait! He was talking to someone..and then I saw it: a tiny little poof of blond hair above the edge of the "pool."

When her daddy finished telling her that Mama was home, she turned towards the driveway, and I saw her little blue eyes peeking at me. She made her way over to the edge, stood up, clapped, grinned, smiled, and generally destroyed me. Within seconds, I was next to the pool, in my work clothes, on my knees, and wet.

She was all happiness and sunshine and light...tucked into a 4th of July bathing suit that her daddy bought her.

And she was fine.

Even without all the naps I thought she really, truly needed during the day in the beginning, she is fine. I know this, because I can still hear her squealing with delight and splashing around and grinning from here to Dodge.

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