17 June 2011

Home Sweet Home

Every evening, when I come home from work, this little girl meets me. Not by herself, mind you. Grandma brings her out, but they meet me at the gate, and Baby Girl gets so tickled and waves and smiles and grins and tries to throw her sun hat off her head....

And then, she wants to crawl in the window to me, so she can stand up in my lap and grip the steering wheel and punch all the buttons. And wait...let's just climb right up ON the steering wheel. There...that's better!

From that point 'til bedtime, she doesn't leave my hip. I refuse to put her down.


  1. Oh what a cute picture. She is just so adorable and I can see why you don't want to put her down!!

  2. You make my heart happy. I love to hear that you don't put here down. Love it!!!