01 June 2011


In a few short days, The Husband and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast it's flown by. After we got married, I remember driving down the highway, to and from work, and thinking about how we should celebrate the 5th...maybe a fun trip or something! Now I'm thinking maybe for the 10th!

There's just so much right now...the baby is so little, we're still adjusting to the new fire schedule, etc. But I guess there's always so much, isn't there? I'm sure when the 10th rolls around, we'll be exhausted from chasing around an almost six-year-old and unable to find someone that will come and chase her for us for a few days. And we'll probably still be broke and busy and tired. Did I say that already?

I will, at least, be taking a vacation day from work, so I can spend the day with him.

He's really excited about this. Really.

In December, we'll celebrate 11 years together. A decade + 1.


I remember hearing about him before I saw him again. I say again, because we went to school together from pre-K (or thereabouts) to 2nd grade - him in the 1st. Yes, I am The Older Woman. I was at a wedding with my parents for someone that my dad worked with, and we saw his mom and his aunt on the lawn after the ceremony. We started talking and catching up and discovered that I would be working in the same office on campus as him.

"Do you remember my son, Brady?"

The name was very familiar, but I couldn't conjure up an image. He tells me now that, when his mom asked him about me, he remembered me as bossy.

Can you believe that? No anniversary gift for him!

But he tempers it with that fact that I probably HAD to be, because I was the oldest of everyone that hung out after school waiting for parents to get off work, and they were all so bad....

Nice save, I say.

The first day that I saw him in the admissions office, he was grinning and had a backpack slung over his shoulder, with a red tag on it that said something about beef. He had a cute grin and a mustache. And he knew every single person that he walked by, and he talked to every single person that he passed.

He remembers that the first time he saw me, I was wearing a pink scarf in my hair to hold it in a ponytail. May I say that impressed me immensely.

One day, well after we were good buddies and fast friends, one of our superiors came in and announced that we would be set up as partners to handle all of the paperwork. She paired me with B. Guess who did all the work.

Guess who's still doing all the paperwork, nearly eleven years later.

After dating for a few weeks, I felt like I'd known him my entire life, and we slowly discovered how much our pasts twisted together, bringing us back together.

I remember watching him rope, listening to him play the guitar, ogling him with his horses, listening to him laugh with his roommates, being fascinated at his ability to fall asleep everywhere and anywhere and anytime, helping him clean stalls every Saturday morning and afternoon (People, if that's not love, I don't know what is.), jumping when he'd whistle at me each time he saw me, riding in the truck with him, eating at Sonic and McDonald's with him, having picnics in Piedmont, being the gate-shutter and backer-upper while working cows, reading out loud to him while we drove...and I remember each day being better than the one before it.

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