29 June 2011

Last Year

A year ago this month, B hooked up to the pied-a-terre, and he made the big move to attend the fire academy.

This is our set-up, parked at my parents' house. (Anyone else noticing the cedar tree in the process of falling over?? Funny the thing you only notice in pictures....)

On this particular day, we were just going to set up the pied-a-terre, get it stocked and organized for him, and pin down directions and driving routes. Also, I kinda wanted to see where he'd be living every week for the next several months! May I also add that I was seven months pregnant at this time....

And also? It was HOT. H.O.T. HOT. Sweat-dripping, A/C on high, my-candy-bar-just-melted-in-the-cup-holder hot.

Two hours after pulling out of my parents' driveway, we arrived at the pre-ordained, private hook-up spot, many thanks to some great friends and a former employer.

Once we took stock of the situation and figured out everything we'd need for putting down roots, we headed to ye olde wal-mart for supplies, parking at the back of the lot with all of the other travel trailers and RVs. May I add that his location was so close to the ocean that I could smell the beach and the salt, and seagulls were munching on Doritos just feet from our bumper.

After getting all of our supplies, we made one more stop at Home Depot for "hook-up stuff" and headed back. The entire time, I had this feeling in my stomach that tomorrow was the first day of school, and I had just bought my supplies and was heading to tour the campus.


I knew I'd soon lose B to this place for four days out of every week for the next several months, and I didn't much like it. In fact, I hated it.

While B spent the next hour or so (felt like fifteen) leveling and hooking up water, electricity, and sewer, I went inside and organized the kitchen and the bathroom with all of the staples we bought and made up the bed and lined the trash cans. And then I blinked twelve times and smoothed my left eyebrow.

Such detail, man.

Then, I fell outside and collapsed on the tailgate. Did I mention I did all of that "fixin' up" inside with no A/C? That part wasn't going just yet. And did I also mention I was seven months pregnant? Yah...hello heat stroke.

My shirt was sticking to me, and all I wanted to do was take the baby belly off for just a second, so that I could cool off and breathe.

Alas, that was a fruitless endeavor.

I vocalized my joy with a wimpy "Hot dog!" when B finally declared he was done, and it was time to head home.

Just reading this post gives me that yucky feeling in my stomach all over again. I'm so glad that part is behind us; I don't know how we did it, but we did, newborn baby and all! Thank you, Lord....

And please don't make me do it again.

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