13 June 2011

The Rental

I was going through old pictures on my laptop at home, when I discovered the mother load of before and after pictures from the Oakwood house. Of course, when I look at the after pictures now, I see so many things that are no longer my style or that I would have done differently.

This is the before picture of the one and only bathroom in the house, found in the hallway:

There was so much carpet. And so much yellow. And so much carpet.

But isn't it wonderfully "old fashioned?" Doesn't it just remind you of going to your grandparents' house and eating fried chicken and taking a nap on their bed and watching The Price is Right while laying on your stomach on the floor in front of the ENORMOUS cabinet T.V.?


Never mind, then.

When I was about to move in, there were some things I knew just had to be done to update and clean up the bathroom. The first was obviously getting rid of all the carpet, some of which looked bleached. I just can't abide carpet in the bathroom. Hello, water damage!

So, we started by ripping out the carpet and putting down some new flooring. Then, to break up all the white and show off the tiling on the bottom half of the room, we painted the top half of the room. When I say "we" in reference to all this work, I mean me, my sister, Brady, and my parents. Seriously, these people have spent the better part of the last decade getting me settled in different places.

I know the Yacht Club Blue paint is pretty wowza, but this was the first place I ever painted and got to pick the colors, so I went a little bananas. Which reminds me: it started out yellow on top, and boy did that ever look squeamish.

Other than painting and the floor, we updated the sink hardware, changed out the lighting, and painted the cabinets, knobs, and hinges. All in the master bedroom on sheets of plastic while listening to old country on the radio.

Looking at the after picture now, it would have looked great with a frame around the mirror, or a different mirror all together, and that cowboy hat picture of mine is hung way too high, I think. And etc., etc., etc., etc....

Anyway...these pictures were taken back in 2004, and if nothing else, the spruced up space felt clean and fresh. Between 2004 and 2009, I got very comfortable in this bathroom. I would read in the bubbles, while Penelope offered support from her perch on the edge of the sink...and the heater I had plugged in on the floor would get so hot, the hard-won paint on the walls would start to drip right down the white tiles.

I'm kidding!

Or am I?

They don't call me Fire Hazard for nothin'....

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