02 June 2011

A Story

He's checking his mic. The videographer asked him to wear it, so they could record the vows during the ceremony. I wonder if he's saying: "testing...1 2 3...testing...."

Or maybe he's saying: "It's really hot in here."

Or maybe he's saying: "I could really go for a cheese sandwich and a Coke on ice."

I never even knew that he was wearing a microphone until after the wedding, after the honeymoon, after the moving, packing, and settling in, after sending the songs to the videographer that we wanted included on the video, and after we got the DVDs back, crisp and ready for our viewing pleasure! Perhaps someone said to me along the way that, "Hey...Brady will be wearing a mic, so that you'll be able to hear everything later," but I don't remember it. I was a little distracted, yah?

I think B even forgot that he was wearing it.

Why do I think that?

Because he showed me so when we watched the video a couple of months later. We were snuggled on the couch, me WAY more excited about the prospect of watching two long DVDs than him, and I begin to see myself emerge with my daddy, ready to walk down the aisle.

Brady sees me at the end of the aisle, and he goes:

"Hey girl!"

In his delectable roguish fashion. No one in church could even hear; I certainly never heard back at the other end of the sanctuary, blood rushing to my cheeks as everyone stared at me, the sound of my own heart thumping in my ears.

But that little mic!

That little mic heard everything!

The memory of his voice, so happy to see me, made the images of my own face a little easier to swallow while we watched the rest of the ceremony. I was more than happy to fast forward. He wanted me to fast forward, because he was getting a little bored. I wanted to fast forward because of all of the facial expressions crossing my face every single second.

First I looked pained. Then elated. Then happy. Then worried. Then weird. Then gigantic weirder. (Why wouldn't my face hold still?)

It was quite painful to watch.

Everytime I bemoaned the twitches and convulsions weirdly happening on screen, he piped up from the couch cusion, "Hey girl!"

He's so funny.

I'm thinking we need to get him a mic to wear around permanently....

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