01 July 2011

6 Months

This is one of Katie's 6-month pictures. She's wearing - surprise! - some of my baby clothes again. The "shirt" is mine. Although it's supposed to be a dress! SOMEBODY is so stinkin' long for her age, though, that she's wearing it as a top. With little pink pants.

The top has a lace-trimmed collar and little pink ducks and yellow flowers embroidered on it.

Isn't it funny how babies are always long, not tall? All because they're not yet walking.

Last Saturday, she visited the mall for the first time. This in and of itself is not surprising, since it's the first time I've been to the mall in...months? A year? More?! When we entered through the children's section of Dillard's, I felt so out of place. I've never entered through that door before! Which makes sense, seeing as how I've never had children before....

It was amazing how entertained she was by everything. It was very quiet and empty in that section, and she leaned herself out, stretching her arm, trying to reach everything we walked past. A smile was plastered on her face the whole time.

We didn't have much luck finding what we were looking for in her size, so we cruised on down to Gymboree. I've walked by this store for years in my mall hunting, but I'd never been inside. It's a whole new world with little people, isn't it? Seeing the pediatricians' offices from almost six feet up instead of two...the babies' and kids' sections in stores...trying to figure out baby shoe sizes...being asked if you need a highchair in restaurants...riding in the backseat with the car seat all the time....

As Katie's grandpa held her while we walked the distance from Dillard's to Gymboree, I felt this ridiculous need to protect her from the crowd.

"No one touch her!"

"Don't look over there, Katie!"

"Grandpa, please don't trip!"

"Nobody crowd her!"

It was nuts, but I can't help it; these things just started running through my brain, and I didn't really feel any better until we were sitting in the booth at Casa Ole, the whole restaurant near empty at only 5:30.

I guess it's a good thing that we live so far from civilization...it will be a rare occasion for her to ask me to drop her at the mall. I only assume girls do this from the books I've read and the stuff I've seen on T.V. It's not exactly something I was cognizant of, growing up 45 minutes from the nearest mall.

I remember someone asking me once if I'd ever snuck out of my house. The only appropriate response:

"To go where? The hayfield?"

Needless to say, unless I planned on walking to my grandparents' house (where I now live!), checking our mailbox, or hiking to the church, I was really better off in the house.

But hey! That was okay...we had antenna T.V. (in the living room only), cassette and CD players, long distance phone service, and ice cream in the freezer. On the weekend nights, when friends would call to see if I could go to the movies in Town, my immediate reaction was looking at the nearest clock: Okay...movie starts at 7:30...if I can get ready in less than 30 minutes...and if Daddy drives me instead of Mama (we could get there seven minutes faster)...I can MAYBE make it by the time the previews end. If I get off the phone RIGHT NOW. And if Mama and Daddy immediately say yes, no coercion needed....

Never mind we just got home from Town if it was a Friday night.

And never mind I hadn't eaten supper and probably wouldn't have time to.

And never mind that meant my parents would have to sit in town for the duration of the movie, because how ridiculous to drive all the way back home and come back to pick me up?

Horror of realizations now setting in: I guess I'll have to do the exact. same. thing when Katie becomes "movie-aged."

And this is where Mama and Daddy start laughing and giggling and being generally unbearable at how things come full circle....

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