31 August 2011

105 Degrees

That's 105 degrees Fahrenheit; not degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and me.

Slight tangent: when I hear Kevin Bacon's name, I'm torn as to whether I should conjure Kevin Bacon a la Footloose, Kevin Bacon a la Hollow Man, or Kevin Bacon a la Will & Grace. Footloose will forever be one of my favorite movies of all time, right along with the soundtrack. Hollow Man was an experience I could have happily done without, and it totally notched my level of respect for ol' Kev. And the episode of Will & Grace where Jack is the ultimate fan and the scene closes with him and Will dancing to Footloose with Kevin himself? That restored some of my respect, and the laughing was a really healthy workout for my gut.

So back to the heat.

This is our pond out in Piedmont. At least, this USED to be our pond out in Piedmont. It's where we relaxed on floaties and waded around and got mud stuck between our toes and goosebumps when we hit the cold current towards the bottom. It's where the kids that live near here would play volleyball and bring their dog to cool off in the afternoons. It's where the horses come to drink and tippy toe around and even get belly-deep.

This is our pond out in Piedmont NOW:

Is that one of the saddest things ever, or what? Seriously. It's from almost the exact same angle. We knew the concrete culverts were in there for the fish...a toe was occasionally stubbed in the summer months, but we'd never actually laid eyes on them. Those kids playing water volleyball that I mentioned before used to STAND on these things, putting the water level at their chests.

Just looking at this picture makes me really, really, really thirsty.

So much for those daydreams of cold-water wading. The kind I got to do last summer, while still pregnant with The Girl.

Granted, it's not the clearest piece of pool water I've ever stood in, but it's there, it's natural, it's free, and it feels really refreshing on a hot day. Or even just a slightly warm day. Or the kind of day we've been having around here lately...the kind that could skin a cat and BBQ your chicken tenders from the next town over.

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