14 September 2011

The Fiasco

Picture it: March 14th, 2011. It's the dark of early morning, and two humans are half asleep, groggy, and confused.

At 3:15 AM, the alarm on his phone has just gone off, alerting him that it's time to eat his cinnamon toast waffles and get ready for the station. She can hear his ankles creaking from not being used the last six hours as he stumbles around the bed, trying to get the alarm off before it wakes her up too much and disturbs the baby girl's sleep.

Once it's off and the house is again peaceful, she sees him standing there, just staring.

Her: "What are you doing? Did you fall back asleep standing up?"

Him: "Why does the clock on the dresser say 4:15?"

Her: "Oh! Daylight Savings Time. We sprung forward at midnight, or something like that."

Him: "It better not be 4:15 already, or I'm in a world of hurt."

Her: "Isn't your phone supposed to automatically update?"

Him: "Yah, but it only says 3:15. What does yours say?"

Her: "Mine says I should be asleep and not conversing in the dark. I mean, 2:15."

Her Again, In Disbelief: "2:15?! What in the world???"

Him: "I need to know exactly what time it is."

Her: "What a fiasco. And since when do plug-in alarm clocks reset themselves? They're smart now?"

Him: "Call someone."

Her: "It's 2:15 AM. Or 3:15. At best 4:15. Who would you like me to call?"

Her Once Again, Awfully Chatty for Whatever Time AM: "I'll call the operator. Maybe the operator knows...."

Him: "What about that number that you could call that would tell you the date, time, and weather?"

Her: "Oh yah! I'll look it up on my phone."

The female human involved in this fiasco finds the number, connects, and waits for the operator to begin talking.

Her: "Okay. She said it is definitely 3:15! So go get ready, and I'll fix all these clocks tomorrow."

The next morning, her cell phone's call history is still displayed on the screen, and she notices the number she called earlier that morning wasn't a 1-800 number or a local number. She looked up the foreign area code: Milwaukee.

What time zone are they in, anyway?

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