01 September 2011

Heaven on Earth

It's a phrase that is often overused, this "Heaven on Earth." But how else do you describe a place or a scene that fills you with peace and happiness and hope and the desire to be good, do good, and feel good, all the time?

I think God does give us little glimpses of how Heaven might look and feel right here on Earth. When that feeling takes over, it's probably Him.

This is the view down our road in Piedmont, looking from the spot where the pied-a-terre sat towards the gate. I know I am weird, but this is my favorite kind of road: the kind with grass down the middle and just a little dirt and rock mixture for the tires. No asphalt, thanks. No gravel, thanks. No concrete, thanks. Grass in the middle! Like a well-worn path....

Makes me wanna drive on it...or bike on it (no coyotes, please)...or go for a long walk....

The second picture is the gate or entrance to our piece of Piedmont, with the sun setting. And taken with just my little cell phone!

Not that I think the picture is quality; simply you can actually see what it is, and it is pretty.

There have been plenty of days when this place has frustrated me, exasperated me, drained me of every last coin, and left me wondering how, when, and why until I could have cried. On days like this one, however, all of that other mess just fades away, and I am grateful.

Especially with all the fires blazing around us, in every direction, I know how lucky we are to have a place to fret over and to appreciate at all.

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