01 September 2011

Let's Give This Man a Break

These are some of my favorite pictures of the mister. This is how I see him in my mind, when we're on the phone or if I'm just thinking about him in general: What would he like for supper? Is there enough Coke in the house to get him to next week? Is he getting some playtime with Katie? Is he safe? Cowboy hat on, a little red and sweaty from hard work, but still grinnin'. Because he's always grinnin' like he's up to something. He's also always happy to be working (most of the time, anyway)...helping someone else, tending to all of the animals, making our places better, or building something for us to enjoy.

I think it's been getting kind of sticky around here lately, though. We're all sticky from the three-digit heat wave and complete and utter lack of rain, and when you pair those two things with all the work and maintenance that needs to be done? Well, like I said: a little sticky.

The cows are hungry. The horses are hungry. There's no grass. There's no hay. There's no money. The dogs keep barking at the horses, because they keep nosing around the kennels, wondering if they'd like to eat whatever the dogs are eating. The cats are on edge, because the dogs are barking at the horses.

And then we stand on the hill one evening and watch across the road, as two trailers haul the neighbor's cows away, to the sale barn. Sobering, no doubt.

We took a break after supper yesterday from all the seriousness by going on a Jeep ride through the pasture. Baby girl LOVES this! She's such a shy little soul; I am always sure the Jeep engine and all the bumping and galumping around will terrify her, but she enjoys the fire out of it. She just sits on my lap and grins the whole time, wispy little blond hairs in her eyes. Every once in a while, she'll look back and up at me, grinning so big, I can see her tonsils.

This completely does me in, by the way.

Please, no one tell her what gluttons we become when she pulls this move...or she'll be cruising around town in a pink, Carebear-encrusted Corvette with Elmo himSELF before she hits five....

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