09 September 2011

The Long, Long Trailer

Have I mentioned my love of all things Lucy on this blog before? Surely. Truly, the only kind of Lucy I love is the black and white, I Love Lucy T.V. show. The newer series with just her and Vivian Vance, in color? No thanks. That's just weird. I'll take Lucy in her apartment - doesn't matter which one - or living in the country, or in Europe, or in Hollywood, or in Florida. That's MY Lucy.

I didn't finally open my mind to a Lucy movie until almost a year ago. Baby Katie was only a few months old, and she and I were spending a Sunday at my parents' house, while Brady was at the station. We were back in my old bedroom, where Katie was napping on my chest. I was supposed to be sleeping, too, but it just wasn't happening. So I turned on the T.V., and what was staring back at me? LUCY! Only, she was in color, with flaming red hair, Desi still by her side. It was the movie The Long, Long Trailer. It was already halfway through, but I felt it was my duty to watch. After all, I love Lucy, and we, too, have a long, long trailer!

The first picture is right after she and Desi get married in the movie. They are attempting to make a grand getaway in their new, yellow convertible, with their brand new, yellow living trailer attached to the back. Every time he attempts to get the car going, Tacy (Coincidence that her name so closely resembles mine? I think not.) begins her waving and good-bying, and the guests start whooping and hollering and throwing bird seed. But the car doesn't budge. After several tries and replays, Tacy embarrassingly whispers to Nicholas: "Did you take the trailer brake off?!?!" Of course, he hadn't. The trailer brake is Nicholas's nemesis throughout the entire movie.

The second picture is actually from the END of the movie. I put them in order just for you.

They share a moment at the end that I am CERTAIN every couple has experienced at LEAST once in their journey together. I can actually feel it in my gut, right along with them. Neither one truly wants to be angry anymore, but neither can bring themselves to say they are sorry. Finally, when Tacy thinks Nicholas is actually going to get in the car and leave her, she goes running in the rain to apologize. This, of course, unleashes Nicholas's barrage of regrets and apologies, too, and they all live happily ever after, and I start to breathe easy again.

When this movie was on the weekend that everyone was celebrating what would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, I recorded it on the DVR, and I asked Brady to watch it with me. Over the course of several nights after putting the baby to bed, we made it all the way through, ice cream in tow. Pun totally intended.

And while we're on the subject of towing ourselves off the couch after all that ice cream, if there was one part I wanted him to suffer through for me, it was the part where they make the near vertical climb up a mountain with their long, long trailer. It's like I'm in the car with them. I find myself leaning forward in the couch, trying to help them up the incline. It's quite funny how they try to talk themselves through it.

But before we bid this bright and entertaining movie adieu, please look at this last picture to get an idea of what our travel trailer looked like back in February, 2009, right before we moved in to it:

I was in such a panic over where in the world we would put everything, and how would we function in a travel trailer??

As it turned out, those were some of the best months of my life.

But I still think it would have helped to have seen this movie FIRST.

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