15 September 2011

Pears & Chicken Cutlets

This is one of the centerpieces from my sister's wedding...a Saturday in November not so long ago. I didn't take this picture, incidentally...one of her candid photographers did, during the decorating process. I also didn't make this centerpiece. Shocking! I know!

I am constantly amazed at the talent that some people possess. My sister worked with a local florist, and they came up with this together. That's talent, people.

I loved how dramatic they were; such statement pieces. The rest of the decorating flowed from these arrangements.

The entire time we were planning and decorating for her wedding, I kept thinking, "Ooh! I wish I would have done that!" I completely redesigned our 2006 wedding during her process, right there in my brain. Amazing how fast tastes and styles change and OUTDATE, isn't it??

About a month after her wedding, we found out we were pregnant. When we shared the news with people a couple of months after that, I had more than one extended family member tell me they knew at my sister's wedding that I was pregnant!


I'm not sure how they could know such a thing...especially when I MAY have been but one week pregnant at the time. I entertained thoughts that I looked chubby in the beautiful, black, billowy gown. (Love that dress, by the way. It's the only bridesmaid's dress not going in Katie's future dress-up stash. No offense Laura, Kelee, and Sarah! But I don't have to suck in in this one!)

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the chicken cutlets protruding from the strapless number. And if you don't know what I mean by chicken cutlets, just lemme know, and I will happily regale the phenomenon in detail.

On second thought, if you don't know what they are, don't contact me. Skinny people just don't get it.

I say that from love.

Perhaps it was something as simple as me toting around a Sprite can the entire evening. Nothin' says "Knocked Up" like Sprite. Except maybe a sleeve of Saltine crackers tucked behind my ear. Classy for a gorgeous wedding, regardless.

I finally decided to settle on the fact that I truly was glowing, as they said, because my body knew before I did. And because I was having such a good time. And because I got to do a lot of dancing with The Cowboy Fireman.

It's either that, or I have psychic family members.

Which could be really cool, or really, really scary.

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