21 October 2011

And Away She Goes

This is the sign that my mother-in-law had posted at her house the day that Katie was set to arrive, to alert family members as they made their way through.

Their home on The Hill is a veritable Grand Central Station/welcome wagon to close family members, people in need, friends, friends of friends, distant relatives, people that currently live there, and people that once lived there. You never know who you might run into. It's the complete opposite of what I'm accustomed to, but I must say: it sure is fun and entertaining! A person is never turned away there, for sure, for food, comfort, bathroom facilities, a book to read, a swing to swing in, or Vanilla Wafers.

I think I might need to ask her about borrowing this sign - don't be ridiculous...of course she kept it - so that we can recycle it when Katie starts school, when Katie rides her pony for the first time alone, when Katie gets her driver's license, when Katie goes to college, and when Katie gets married.

That is, of course, IF I let her do all of those things.

Here lately, all she wants to do is ride her rocking horse, so yesterday, Brady taught her how to nudge and smooch her rocking horse into going, how to stop and say whoa, how to giddy-it-up, and how to thank the rocking horse after the ride with a pat and a kiss. How sweet is that? I'm constantly amazed at how quickly these little, tiny people pick up on things and memorize them.

She's such a fun toy!

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