26 October 2011

Halloween in the Country

Halloween in the country is totally different than Halloween in town...or at least, I imagine it is, based on stories I've heard from friends and family through the years. Here's Halloween in the country:

* driving from house to house, because there are no neighbors within walking distance

* wearing the same costume every year and calling it a "hobo" one year and a "scarecrow" the next

* getting brown paper sacks full of oranges and nuts from all the church ladies

And here's a tour of several WINNER costumes that my sister and I have donned over the years. Please take time to note that I couldn't function on Halloween without stuff on my face....

Up first:

This was a rare year, when I wore an actual, real, store-bought costume...although we didn't buy it. We borrowed it from a woman that my mom worked with. The sassy, winking face is a nice touch, don't you think? I wish I could say I was five-years-old and just plain silly, but man...I look way too old for this.

Does anyone notice the Hawaiian lei? Someone please tell me what THAT is all about. I guess I thought, "It's yellow. It goes."


The Hobo/Scarecrow scenario. We'd often wear the same clothes, over and over, and call ourselves one or the other. If there was hay sticking out of your shirt sleeves, you were a scarecrow. If not, you were a hobo. Get it?

And finally:

Man, my sister is gonna CROAK when she sees this mess. I was sporting my dad's coveralls and calling myself a mechanic. With a cigar, apparently???

And Lesley? Well, I'm guessing she was a senorita. Or a senora. Or a flamenco dancer? Who can tell...it was a hand-me-down dress-up outfit that she Halloween-ized. The fan is a nice prop, though, right? And that...afghan (?)...she has around herself?

The more I look at these, the more horrified and embarrassed I get.

I'm hiding all the way under my desk right now.

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  1. In the words of Luke "Oh my goodness!" hahahaha comes to mind. I nearly peed my pants looking at these pics and remembering my old costumes. Thanks for the memories! Love your new background. Haven't read in a while sorry.