05 October 2011

Note the Lushness

These are pictures I took over a year ago out in Piedmont. I was in the truck, watching while B went out to inspect his mare, Dixie, and her new baby.

These pictures remind me of a time when the grass was tall and green and healthy...not just the weeds. None of the trees looked like they were about to keel over and die on the spot, and everything was healthy and fat.

As usual, I was using my old cell phone, so I had no way to zoom. The pictures, as a result, are truly lacking in detail. It would have been really fantastic to be able to actually SEE the baby standing on the other side of Dixie, right? I think you can barely see two, dark brown legs dangling on the other side of her belly.

My sister has a smart phone, and the more time I spend around her and her phone, the more tempted I am to take the plunge. I'm actually eligible for an upgrade, but I don't do well with change.

Will I be able to handle not having a keypad? And there's so much SCREEN to a smart phone. Also, are they really all that smart? I know they're quite a bit bigger than my current phone. It's very convenient to be able to put my phone in my back pocket and not have anyone wonder who I'm smuggling into the grocery store. And will I have to cut my fingernails in order to be able to press things accurately on the screen?

These are important factors; I have to weigh these things carefully.

On the up side, the cameras on those things take better pictures than my digital camera! And the video is far superior to what's on my current phone. Seriously: on my current phone, you can't tell the difference between Brady and me in a video.

I don't know. We'll see. I definitely have some research to do and some phone calls to make. Mostly, I don't want any surprises on the bill after it's all said and done.

I think I'm done talking to myself now.

I'll just sit back and enjoy the green in these pictures.

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