06 December 2011

I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Lunch Kit

I get all warm and fuzzy just LOOKING at this picture of a Rainbow Brite lunch kit and thermos, circa Old As The Hills. This is the exact set that I had as a child. In fact, I'm fairly certain that Mama kept it, and it's packed away somewhere for safekeeping.

Why not, after all? It's not like this is the one that I upchucked in on the way home from school one day....

Boy, can I ever remember that day like it was yesterday. Mama had just picked us up from 3rd grade - our neighbor that we drove home and me - and my sister was already in the front seat. I was not feeling well, so some point between school and home, which is a 30-minute stretch, at least, I barfed all in my sister's lunch kit. If I remember correctly, it was bright yellow with red something all over it. Music notes? Perhaps. Who can tell? And I think there was a baggie of chips still in the bottom that she didn't finish at lunch that day.

In any case, you know she appreciated that, and our neighbor in the seat next to me REALLY appreciated it. I think I still owe him big time for that one.

So anyway. Lunch kits.

This really wasn't supposed to be a post about puking or inflicting lifelong barf pain on unsuspecting neighbors; it was supposed to be a post about how I've done a really good job in being a little more Earth-friendly. I've been packing my lunch everyday for work for a good long time now, but a few months ago, I finally cut out all those little Ziploc baggies. They're cute and functional, for sure, but I was just taking them home and throwing them away each day. Wasteful! (Say it in a sing-song way.)

I've heard some people wash out their baggies, so that they can reuse them. I have trouble with this. I've never actually tried it, but this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. How does this happen? Do they get dumped in the dish water with everything else and soaped and rinsed and hung on the drain to dry? Don't they get all smeary and gross? I can't imagine this. What about all the tiny little crumbs? Obviously, it was just easier for me to invest one time in some tiny little Tupperware containers.

When I say tiny, I mean tiny. You should see how I have to cut up my sandwiches to get them to squeeze into this tiny little piece of plastic. It's either that or use two containers for one little ol' sandwich. And never mind if I have an apple cut up (If it's not already cut up, I won't eat it.), some chips, cookies (YAY, cookies!!! Hi, I'm five.), Cheerios, or some other processed, grocery-store bought goody-goody of yumminess. My entire lunch kit will be boxy and overflowing with little plastic containers and their blue lids.

Like I said...I'm going to need a bigger lunch kit.

Or smaller food.

Yah, like that's gonna happen.

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