26 January 2012

Katie's 1st Birthday Party

For Katie's first birthday, we decided to have a small party, with just our immediate families in attendance. That way, we could have everyone at our house - and it doesn't hold many! - and our little shy girl wouldn't be too overwhelmed. She was still able to get her naps in, and she was happy and content.

Grandparents sat back and watched and smiled a lot. Mostly grandpas tormented the short people. Mostly grandmas asked, "What can I do? Can I wash that for you?" and said, "Here...I'll cut the pickles." Aunts and uncles took pictures, kept babies out of the presents, and set up sticky, drippy bubble toys. Babies crawled all over the place, dusting my floor and licking cupcake icing. Mamas and daddies wiped lots of faces and hands, sweated, and generally blurred over with happiness.

And then we all fell down.

Just in time to get back up and eat our BBQ sandwiches and blow bubbles out in the heat. It was August, after all.

Our birthday gift to Katie was her very first saddle. Uncle Willy's dad fixed up the one a friend gave us, including her initials stamped in the leather. We really love the way it turned out.

I tied pink and silver, glittery ribbon all over the saddle and the rocking horse on which it rode. It only took her a few days to get all the bows untied and all the glitter rubbed into the floors.

Brady's mom made the smash cake. She drew a little pony on it, just for Katie. How sweet?

I wondered if I was going to have to bathe her after the birthday cake was introduced; it seems many of the birthday parties I've attended for small people have involved icing everywhere, crumbly cake stuck to surfaces, and some sort of "hosing off" afterwards.

But not this one. She kinda turned her nose up at it. Her daddy had to coax her into sticking her finger into the cake, which she then daintily licked and offered to him.

I think she would have been just as happy with Puffs.

Or Poofs, as we tend to call them.

Which is fine...more for us! We were all hot, after all, and cake cools you off, right?

Shortly before the guests were set to arrive, Brady and I stuck the babe in her stroller and tied the balloons we got for the party to the handle, so we could all walk down to the road together and tie some on (balloons, hello) the mailbox and gate. What a tangled mess that turned out to be!

We were quite the site trying to make our way down the driveway in a cloud of pink and red balloons and iridescent heat waves.

I couldn't wait to get back to the house to cool off and get Katie and myself cleaned up and dressed for the party. Imagine my utter surprise to be greeted by as much heat INSIDE the house as outside when we walked in the door.

Broken air conditioner for our first birthday party?


As a result, B and I spent the entire party in our old, sweaty everyday clothes, me with hair on top of my head and no make-up. The A/C repair man ALSO got a gift during Katie's party, and I'm not talkin' Skittles, cha-ching.

So, is it time for me to start planning the next party already?? I'm thinking maybe we'll start a brand new tradition of half birthday parties...that would be February! Sweaters, cold breezes, and hot chocolate, anyone?


  1. That cake is so cute. You need to post a pic of the saddle; it sounds adorable!

  2. Ah yes...but I'm actually IN the pictures with the saddle, unfortunately...so that won't be going public. ;)