14 July 2012

This Time...Four Years Ago

Four years ago, on July 19th, a friend of mine got married. Her name is Megan, and she is blonde and sweet-tempered and newly mothered and always smiling or kind of giggling. It's absolutely pleasant to be around, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Brady and I rode with my sister and her then-boyfriend to the wedding and reception. We had fun mingling, stopping at the gas station down the rode for Cokes and Starbursts, and dancing around the hall.

I'm telling you, even looking at this picture, I can hardly remember a time when we were childless. When that small person comes along, it's like the air gets sucked out of all the fun times you thought you had...it's not that they weren't actually a good time or memorable...it's just that now, everything kind of pales in comparison. Now, you are ALIVE.

At least, you're pretty sure you're alive. The sleep deprivation really starts to take a toll on your sanity after a while. I mean, it doesn't even hurt anymore when I step on a horse or Tinker Bell or an alligator in the shower these days.

That can't be very good.

After eating our fair share of supper and still trying to find room for one more piece of cake, we began the long, dark trek to our part of the world. Of course, no matter how late it is, how tired we are, or how many animals we might still have to feed when we get home, nothing will keep us from pulling over in the middle of the night to inspect something worthwhile.

"Husband, step away from the piece of machinery."

He just can't help himself.

Of course, all she does is encourage him:

"Hey Brady...did you see that [fill in the blank with whatever big, expensive piece of metal you can think of...or whatever four-legged, eating animal you can think of]?"

And of course he's interested, so of course we have to pull over and inspect.

So Megan, while you were blissfully enjoying your wedding reception full of friends and family and gifts, your out-of-town guests were embarrassing you in your own hometown.

Except for me. I was hiding on the floorboard, eating Starburst.

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  1. Anonymous7/15/2012

    I should cut my hair again, you think??