21 September 2012

How the Turkey Trots

With Thanksgiving looming on the horizon, I thought this would be a good time to rehash the Turkey Trot that my sister and I participated in back in November of 2007.

Yes! 5,700 years ago this November!

* Whatever.

Anyway…. It was a fun day. The weather was nice, I was doing something active and physical, and it was for a great cause! When you participate in a Turkey Trot, the monies forked over to register are donated to local charities, food drives, or food banks.

What better time to make a point of giving to those who could use it? While we’re belly-up to a table of excess, chomping our gums and licking dressing off our fingers. Or in my case, broccoli and rice casserole.


Did you notice how I said “forked” up there? ‘Cause it’s Thanksgiving, and we’re eating with forks and everything?

You are WELCOME.


Despite the fact that we were doing a really good deed, it was just so much fun. It felt so good to WALK. To just walk and walk and walk and use my legs and get a little winded and make miles of the trek. I love walking. I wish I had the time everyday to go walking for exercise.

But when? I would have to get up at 5 or 5:30; I’ve tried. I just can’t do it, man!

Or I would have to sacrifice time in my evenings with Katie, and I just absolutely, staunchly REFUSE to do that. Some have suggested taking her with me, in the stroller or something. That’s a lovely idea, except strolling down a bumpy, rocky, grassy driveway, through the pasture, and then what? Should we just join the slow traffic on the Farm to Market road, or should we stick to the pasture, with their terraces, fences, and horses?

See what I mean? It’s logistically difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. It would quickly cease being a walk and become a military mission.

What about on my lunch hour? I see other people do it, but I have questions: WHAT ABOUT THE SWEAT?! Yo…I sweat. I would be SWEATY. Do you just sit and cool down and go back to your desk all kinda glowy and sticky and – I don’t know – damp?

Please help me figure that out; it might be my only option at this point….

In any case, I wonder why we haven’t done the Turkey Trot every year since? It’s good. And it FEELS good.

Sister, you reading? You in, or what?

* I reserve the right to go back in time for the sake of memory-keeping. I realize this could cause your head to spin if you’re trying to keep up at all. Just close your eyes, and hold real still. It won’t hurt a bit.

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  1. Anonymous9/23/2012

    I'm in...and for the life of me I can't remember what I did with that t-shirt...