12 September 2012

What I Wanna Know

How do you know when you've kept enough stuff? Enough pictures, enough old outfits, enough of the baby toys, or enough of the stuff she once touched, breathed on, or looked at for five seconds?

"Oh honey...I'm saving that coupon for 5% off rugs at Bed, Bath & Beyond...Katie dug it out of the mail and said, 'My impitation to a BALL!' Isn't that cute? Yah...keeping that...."

Do you know you've done enough when the pictures have made their way from the phone to the external hard drive? Or do they need to be in an album first? Or does this blog count?

Sometimes, I am that easy-going, daisy-wearing Mother Earth that realizes she doesn't have her camera (Let's get serious...PHONE.) and thinks with a smile and a wave, "Eh. I am soaking this up right now."

And so maybe I'm only that zen on the first and third Thursdays of February and July, but still....

Other times, however, I'm Audrey Hepburn in "Desk Set," working in a dark basement with papers to be scanned and photos to be catalogued and bits of napkins and scraps of paper getting taller and taller all around me. My mascara is smudged, my hair is trying to beat me to the shower, and my brain knows I will never catch up.

And you're probably wondering, "What are all those bits of napkins and scraps of paper crowding you out?" Well, they're where I recorded what Katie said that one day, who she said it to, what her face looked like while she was saying it, and how her hands were moving. Because, you see, I think she is The Living End! And how else will I memorize it all and capture it for the future? It goes too fast.

And I just got gonged for using the cheesiest, most exhausted phrase in all of Humankind.

Before I forget: My sister took these pictures of Katie in the Becker Christening gown. The little brown chair is an original from the Jack & Jill schoolhouse, and the white bedspread is my mother's...don't you love those little ball thingies hanging from the edges? They're a great distraction when you're supposed to be taking a nap.

The gown shots were taken just a few months after we moved into my maternal grandparents' old farmhouse. She was already a little tall for it - the gown, not the farmhouse - which is why it's so short.

Did I mention that my baby is off the charts for height? And while I'm mentioning it, should I build a scrapbook around that fact and print out some magnets with ruler frames around them?

That's what I wanna know.

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