06 October 2012

Honey Rock Dawn

Back when B was a full-time ranch manager, there was a woman that often came to the ranch to clean the barn offices and apartment. What a character she was: often a bandanna wrapped around her head, always a monologue ready, and never without her bull.

Her bull came from an extended family member of Brady's; they brought the bull to the ranch after his mother met an untold fate, thinking Brady would be able and willing to nurse him back to health. They know him well. Brady's never met an animal that he didn't want to keep, help, or train.

So what I'm saying is, we quickly became (yet again) foster parents to a wandering animal. This time? One auburn-brown bull calf, velvety to a fault.

He followed us everywhere. He ran - painfully slowly - with the dogs. We were quite the circus act...Brady leading the way, me coming along behind him, and then a menagerie of dogs, cats, and one bull calf, bringing up the rear. This bull that Brady quickly had back on his feet and thriving would allow me to scratch behind his ears and brush him all over and call him George.

And it was endearing. And irresistible.

Which is exactly what the cleaning lady thought (You remember...the one in the bandanna?). She couldn't get enough of him, and she had big plans for house-breaking him.

Does that sound weird to anyone else?

In any case, we did eventually sell the bull to her, and to make a long story short, it wasn't long before we were visiting this bull in her pasture. I actually stood on the middle rung of her board fence and watched her feed this thing a can of Sprite.

It had to be one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. I don't know the current fate of this Sprite-guzzling bull, but I'm betting he's gotten entirely too big for tea parties by now

I'll just chock his story up with the rest of the crazy animal stories that follow Brady around like so many homeless mutts. Like the raccoon that lived at Lemon Tree and sat on the back of their couch...and the seven feet tall horse that particularly enjoyed jumping smooth out of his pen every day...and the hog dog that really only cared to stand on the top eave of his dog house roof and could walk the edge of the fence like a trapeze artist at Ringling Brothers, thanks very much.

I think about that under-caffeinated bull every time I read the blog posts from Honey Rock Dawn. Not only does this woman own a bull that she likes to lay on and ride, but she also owns a coyote.

Of the howling, yipping, not-a-cartoon type.

She's definitely worth checking out. I'd give a whole pallet of Sprite just to have access to mountains like she does.

And this guy? Sister did a great job of photographing him.

He's just a friend that my sister and I met at our grandparents' place one afternoon while out doing some manual labor. This means walking around taking pictures and laughing at stuff while The Men Folk did some manual labor. I think he's pretty. I never saw him again after that day. Perhaps he overheard us talking Sprite vs. 7Up and boarded the first slow boat to China.

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