25 January 2013

The Halls: Officially UNDecked

If Christmas was fun with a 1-year-old, it was doubly fun with a 2-year-old! She kind of got the idea that Santa was going to be coming, and she could definitely pick him out of a crowd. A lady in our church asked her what Santa was going to bring her. This totally stumped her. We hadn’t been to visit the jolly ol’ dude (never did go – why scare her?), and we hadn’t discussed how you ask him for Christmas presents – or share your wishes with him, if you wanna say it in a way that sounds less greedy.

So the church lady supplies for her: “Maybe a dolly?”

And Katie says, “Yes!”

After that, anytime a well-intentioned person asked her what Santa was bringing, she promptly replied: “Dolly.” As if she aced the test. Memorized the answer. Won. Bring the prize!

Of course, this meant Daddy and I had to find her a dolly, STAT!

Luckily, Grandma’s closet full of Stacey’s Childhood Things did not fail us. In short order, a giant Thumbelina doll was hidden in the top of Brady’s closet, right between the Cavender’s duffel bag and the shotgun. Her pink, plaid dress was washed, and she was ready!

This tiara and wand from her great aunt and uncle didn’t disappoint, either. Obviously.

What is it with the princesses? They must hypnotize with some kind of toddler elixir every time her baby blues rove toward their sparkly aura.

I’m telling you: we are princess sick over here. You can’t take a bath without moving a Cinderella off the edge of the tub. When you open the closet, one will probably jump out from a coat sleeve. And the bins on the shelves in her room? Surely you jest. Princesses, princess ponies, glittery dresses, and delightful paraphernalia rat-holed from one end to the other…only slightly spaced by a truck, some plastic fencing, and a feed bucket the size of my thumbnail. Even the ranch hands that came with the truck and trailer have been relegated to “Snow White’s Prince” and “Tangled’s Flynn Rider.”

In keeping with The Rescue of Toys Past, Sister had the glorious idea of busting out the glowworm as a Christmas present for Katie. He/she is now affectionately referred to as “Glowie.” That works. Glowie gets as many rides in the stroller as the regular baby dolls, and lighting up that face brings about a facial miracle! Her eyes grow huge, her mouth falls open, dimples erode the surface of her cheeks, and giggles, oohs, and aahs come rupturing out. GLORIOUS, I tell ya’.

Glowie still has it goin’ on.

And here we have the trifecta of Christmas Perfection. The stroller. The glowworm. The magical baby bottle that somehow empties and refills itself. (If only.) The Cinderella gown.

Doesn’t Glowie look positively BLISSED OUT?

I loved her little blue dress with the snowmen. Made those blue eyes shine.

Okay. And maybe I love the way she’s hanging on to me, too. I hope she likes me!

Happily, she was way more interested in the concept of Jesus’s birthday than anything else. If there’s one thing she loves second to a princess, it’s a birthday party! The singing, the cake, the balloons – the whole shebang. We’d have a birthday party every day, if she had her way.

(In case you’re wondering, third in line for her greatest, current loves would be dancing: Do you want to dance in the kitchen? You stand there and watch me dance. Let’s dance! Let’s go to the ball…. Can we have the music on?)

Merry Christmas.

I mean Happy Valentine's Day.

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