23 March 2013

A Smattering

Happy spring, three days late. Katie’s been asking for the “spring song” at bedtime every night. Most of the time, when she asks for a song, she really means a story. So I tell her the story about Mama, Daddy, and Katie going to bed one night when the weather was cold and rainy and gray, and the next morning, they wake up to sunshine, warm weather, birds chirping, grasshoppers hopping for the cats to pounce, and baby horses running; spring has sprung.

She loves that story, and who can blame her? She asks, “Will we pick up sticks?”

“Yes, baby, we will pick up many a stick.”

What can I say: I’ve turned yard work into fun and games. She asked me one afternoon some weekends ago if I could “help her with this field work.”

Well, mercy yes, honey. Lemme load up the mule and hitch the wagon.

Speaking of functioning out of our time element…last weekend, we took a road trip to the other side of the moon – aka Houston – to pick up a part for B’s truck. On the way home, baby girl had a bit of a diaper leak that resulted in wet britches. So her ever-resourceful daddy just tied ‘em to the back of the trailer…said they’d be dry by Hempstead! Katie’s 12-year-old self was suitably mortified, but her 2 ½ year old self only said, “Daddy, silly ol’ you.”

Right on, sister. Own it.

That’s the beauty of a toddler. She has no fear, and she has no idea about worrying what other people think or say. Why can’t we all hold onto that? It gets wrecked somewhere along the way….

Last Sunday, one of her church lady friends was whispering hello to her and asking her how she was doing during the preacher’s announcements. In answer, she bellows proudly, for God and all the angels to hear: “HI! MY NAME NAMED TIANA!”

Well of course.

We’ve never even seen the Tiana movie, yet here she is claiming her identity. Loudly. Right in the middle of church, grinnin’ like a loon. And yes, she always says her name is “named” __________. Fill in the blank. It could be Tiana, Cinderella, Katie Becker, or Shashushie Lay. That last one translates into “I’m just gonna make something up right here to confuse you and test your ability to keep a straight face.”

I almost didn’t post some of these pictures, as much as I love them, because they showed our house from before we redid the outside with new siding. You think Katie worries or cares about that? No, I doubt it. She only cares if there’s iced animal cookies inside that old, chippy house. The paint makes her no matter, unless it’s flaking in her snack bag.

But I’m trying to be like Katie. To not care about that sorta “how does it look” stuff. She has confidence and is happily just experiencing everything around her, taking it as it comes.

While we were eating our BBQed sausage on the porch the other evening, I told her, “Look…your Sandy-pony is watching you.”

She confidently replied: “That’s because he’s my best friend.”

Of this, I have no doubt.

My sister took all of these pictures in October of 2011. She always takes our pictures for our Christmas card, and these are some of my favorites that we didn’t use.

Shout out to B for getting prettied up in the middle of October for pictures, of all things. He likes taking pictures almost as much as he likes listening to me quote Designing Women through donkey laughs. Which is to say: not at all.

[Reese: “Who do all these bags belong to?”

Suzanne: “Oh. Those are my cosmetic bags.”

Reese: “No one's that ugly.”]

And shout out to Sister for running around in the wind for a while, dodging nosey horses and cats, all just to take our picture. And for listening to me ask, “How did that REALLY look? Is my pooch showing? Is Katie actually smiling? Are all these piles of manure gonna be in the picture?”

And those of you that saw the card already know that YES, the steamy piles will DEFINITELY be in the pictures.

Do people still give shout-outs?

Anyway…B looked good enough to eat, Katie thought it was just another day outside, and my sister didn’t need to take a nerve pill halfway through. I’d call that a success.

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