29 April 2013

Bless You

See these beautiful yellow weeds? I mean flowers? I love the way they look, blanketing our pastures during certain times of the year. And horses never looked lovelier than when standing in a field full of wild weeds. I mean flowers.

But you know what else these flowers are good for, besides a pastoral backdrop?

Allergies. Sneezing, running noses, crying, hacking, wheezing, and NOT SLEEPING.

I myself have never been plagued with allergies. But before you get all “not fair” on me, I should mention I’ve more than made up for it with my level of tripping, falling, migraines, and general “There must be rain in the forecast” malaise.

My husband, on the other hand? Yes, he carries the allergies. Especially after shredding, mowing, or doing just about anything else that involves grass or weeds, and it looks like he has shared this gift with Katie.

We were getting ready to leave the house Monday evening for dinner to celebrate my mama’s birthday (a tax day birthday – lucky her!), and somewhere between the back door and the suburban, Katie’s nose started running. It didn’t stop again until – oh wait. It hasn’t stopped yet….

On Monday night, there was zero sleep for the weary. We all took turns shuffling from the rocker in her room to our bed to the floor in her room to her bed to the bathroom…sometimes Daddy’s turn, sometimes mine.

[Dear Universe…thanks for gifting us with this sleepless night when B was home.]

It’s amazing what transpires during the middle of the night, in the dark. Things that would seem so weird during daylight are suddenly normal and fine. I heard myself twice utter the phrase: “Drop that Minnie doll, please.” And it was almost spooky watching my little short person roam from her room to the bathroom in the dark, nothing but a shadowy figure trailing a pink blanket.

When she wanted to try sleeping in my bed, we did it. When she wanted to sleep in the chair, we did that, too. When she pointed out that my pajama pants were on backwards, I turned them around and thanked her.

In the past, when she’s had a cold, a few things have eased her a bit, such as putting out the humidifier, loading up on Pedialyte, slathering VapoRub on her chest or the soles of her feet, and propping her bed up at one end by putting big bath towels under the legs of the bed. Out of everything, I think this little bit of elevation makes the most difference. So at about 3:30 AM Tuesday morning, as B and I both got up to check on her when she started crying and coughing, I stood there holding her and swaying and asked him, “Think we should go ahead and put the towels under her bed real quick?”

He said he didn’t think 3:30 AM was the best time to be doing that.

And then he walked out of her room and closed the door.

I guess that meant it was my turn.

I didn’t think 3:30 AM was the best time to be a comedian.

I’ve included these family pictures that my sister took, because who wants to look at a sneezey-kid and a pile of tissues, a pot of Vicks, and one of those nose-suckers? Not me…although a certain 2 1/2 –year-old sure is cute even WITH a red nose. I can’t wait to wipe the pile of “sicky tools” right off the bathroom counter in one dramatic arm movement: “We’re done! You’re well again!”

And then we’ll limbo right out of the bathroom; her new favorite dance move.

And then I’ll REALLY know she’s all better, because she’ll tell me: “I can smell supper! I can smell the food! Can we eat NOW?!” When the appetite is back, she’s back!

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