07 July 2013

Nothing He Can't Do

Except maybe crochet.


Yesterday evening, Katie and I went outside to play while B napped in the house. He’d gotten home that morning from a stressful 24 hours at the station, and he was – as Katie would say – pooped from that party…. Plus, we have a cold front! We’re talking temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s, instead of 100 degrees and above. So, yah, totally soaking it up around this place.

We started out by coloring with chalk on the back stoop, but she was soon bored with tracing Rosie the cat, which was the best option, since he wouldn’t haul himself off the concrete and just MOVE OVER ALREADY.

Her next endeavor was running through the sprinkler, but she said she kept getting “little dribble drops” on her, so maybe she’d wait on that. She’s just so rational and sophisticated and level-headed sometimes. It gets me tickled, but I do hope she’s having a good time, despite the rationale.

I was leaning against the side of the house, thinking I needed to walk around and pick up some of the pecan tree limbs that recently blew into the yard, when my eyes fell on the row of burgundy-colored crepe myrtles that B planted for me a week or so ago.

They looked so pretty and happy, standing there in a proud little line. It’s amazing what a little bit of Pretty can do to a place. Even though we still have so much work to do outside on the barns and out buildings, that little bit of flower-planting made everything look fresher and more “done.”

I was so surprised the day I came home and saw them, watered and shining in the beating sun. He said he did it for me.

This, I will never forget. I will be pointing them out to Katie when she’s thirteen and reminding her of the summer her daddy planted those flowers for Mama. And can she believe how tall they’ve gotten? And maybe a generation or two from now, another descendent living in the house will say, “We can’t tear down that bridal wreath. That’s the one Grandma and Grandpa Lauter planted decades ago, and those crepe myrtles will stay, too. Those are the ones that B planted for Stacey the summer of ’13…. And Katie’s tree, there on the corner, from her 1st birthday….”

I really appreciate how hard B always works for us. How much sweat and muscle he puts in to everything. It reminds me of when he started working on the outside pens for the vet clinic. It was so hot every day, and the ground was nearly pure rock and concrete…or so it seemed.

All work that was supposed to take a day ends up taking three. It’s The Law of Working Outside.

He had to break down and get help from equipment and extra hands, and we all know he’d rather do it all himself.

And that’s something we love and appreciate about him. He’ll always be the one trying, he’ll always be the one doing just a little more, and he’ll always be the one working hard to make it happen for us. Whether it’s building his baby girl a pony carousel or planting Mama some bushes.

The pens were a work of art when finished. All that welded, CURVED metal. As soon as I find some pictures, I’ll post them, for posterity. There was so much measuring and tying off and re-measuring; it’s a good thing I don’t assist with that sort of thing. I still use the space between the first two knuckles of my pointer finger to measure an inch. And my own feet to measure twelve inches. Which turns out is highly inaccurate; they’re only nine inches long.

I know, because I just got the ruler out of my desk drawer to check.

So his birthday was on the 20th of June, and our 7th wedding anniversary was on the 10th of June, so I guess this is my way of celebrating him in writing. In a permanent way that will last and keep the memories fresh.

And I still think we should get credit for those six years of dating before we got married….


  1. Thanks! I sure think so! ;)

  2. Thanks! I sure think so! ;)

  3. Stacey- Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a great guy at home!


  4. I think so! :) Thank you!

  5. I think so! :) Thank you!