30 January 2014

Showering with Friends

Before Katie arrived, a close group of friends threw us a baby shower. We didn’t know what our firstborn was going to be – we opted to be surprised! – so everything was gender neutral and really, really cute. You know what the cutest part was? The ice cream and dessert table. I thought that was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, because when are Blue Bell and Oreo’s not cute? Never. That’s when.

It’s entertaining to look back at this picture and mentally note what became of all the goods. Those spoons and forks are still in the kitchen drawer and used often. That little Ribbit frog and elephant got packed up not that long ago and will soon be brought back out for Baby Brother. Those tractors are still in Katie’s arsenal and get plenty of use. The baby washcloths are still in the bathroom cabinet, rotated through on a regular basis. We usually have one in the kitchen for her to use when she eats and one in the bathroom for baths and lying around when she has a runny nose; they’re so much softer and gentler than just about anything else. The toiletries were used up long ago, but those AWESOME wicker baskets are in the bathroom cabinet. One is full of her stuff; the other is full of mine. And they scratch the bottom of my cabinet, because I still haven’t put down any kind of shelf liner.

I need to get on that. Consider it officially on The List.

This is the daughter of one of my oldest friends – you might remember her from the school cafeteria – discussing world economics with my mother-in-law. She made a lot of valid points.

And here’s that same little economist with her mama, whose also making a political statement here with a toss of her head. You only get the back of my head, because at this point, the back of my head was lookin’ a lot better than my swollen face.

Self-deprecating? Yes, but what can I say? It’s an art form. I’m laughing on the inside.

I’m also closely inspecting my nose most mornings this time around to see if it’s launched itself yet. I never realized the first time around – not until I saw all the pictures, that is.

Why didn’t someone tell me? Well, what was I gonna do about it, anyway? Take it off my face?

See what I mean? I’m showing you while buried in a small crowd. A small crowd is slimming.

The only one missing from the picture, except for additional small children, is my sister. She was still in Maryland at the time.

Was this only three or four years ago? Man, I look at every face, and so much has already changed: Sister moved back home and started a house, one had a baby that’s now old enough for her very own pigtails, another has TWO boys now, she has two girls and looks completely different all the way around, that one has two boys, TOO, and her? She added another and moved to the country.

Time is rollin’, people. Very, very fast. Soak it up. Find something to donkey laugh at; I have suggestions if you need them. And if you think you’re too busy, just remember what Katie always says, while kind of shaking her head back and forth:

“Well, just kinda make a time, Mama.”


  1. Anonymous2/14/2014

    Out of the mouth of babes...

  2. Say, I think I made that diaper cake...