12 February 2014

How Much is That Birdie in the Window?

In February of 2009, we packed up the house we were renting in town to move out to our place in Piedmont. The owner of the house wanted to sell, so we had to get out fairly quickly. We bought a 5th wheel and put it on our land and lived in it for almost a full year and a half. What an adventure.

I documented every square inch of that house in town, so I wouldn’t forget anything about it. I lived there for five years…three with B after we got married. I loved that house. Just looking at the pictures brings back so many great memories of an exciting time in our lives. An easy time, in retrospect.

This is the kitchen window, where I stood and washed dishes and looked outside every day. There wasn’t a dishwasher. I don’t have one now either, incidentally, and I really don’t mind. Washing dishes is therapeutic and makes me feel kind of accomplished.

Besides, I’d probably just want to rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher, anyway, and that’s like doing the work twice.

I did have a dishwasher in my apartment when I first graduated from college. I managed to flood it and get soap suds all over the kitchen floor, so it’s probably to everyone’s benefit that I don’t have one in my kitchen.

Do you see that bird peepin’ in through the bottom right corner of the window? He was watching me pack boxes. I think he was sad to see me go. Or he was wondering when he could move in - not sure.

If he was peepin’ in on me these days, he’d see a very different day unfolding than back then. Back then was all eatin’ and layin’ around and watchin’ the T.V. and having people over and leaving a lot. These days are less lazy. And just so I have it for future meditation, before the new baby hits the scene, here’s a typical week day for me:

Somewhere in the Vicinity of 6:18 AM: I get up to cello music on my cell phone alarm after hitting snooze twice three four times in a row.

6:18-7:10 AM: I get completely ready for work, open up the house, feed the cat, pack my bag and food for the day, eat my breakfast, and start my car if it’s cold out. I do all of this while listening to Designing Women or The Golden Girls through YouTube on my phone. Because sarcastic humor is the only thing that gets me through teeth brushing and waffle-making this early in the morning.

7:10-7:40 AM: I gently wake up the girl, if she’s not already calling for me from her room. There’s nothing quite as jarring early in the morning as a tiny voice hollering: “Mama! Come get me! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama!” After a few minutes of sloppin’ sugar, she tells me she’s ready for a story. We sit in her room and read 7,000 books – until her grandma gets there or until my husband reminds me: “You’re late. Leave already.”

7:40-somewhere between 8:15 & 8:30 AM: I drive. And drive. And wait for a train or get stuck behind a tractor. And lament how slower traffic forgets to keep right. During this time, I also listen to books on CD, sing with the radio, or listen to Ivan & Sarah Pepper tell me “What Y’all Doin’ at the Courthouse” on 95.7. Because SO FUNNY. I also eat my breakfast of champions and drink soda.

8:30 AM-1:00 PM: I work.

1:00-2:00 PM: I leave for lunch, which means running errands. I gotta get ‘em all done at lunch, so I can hurry home to my people after work. I occasionally go out to eat with co-workers, and sometimes? Sometimes I just sit in my vehicle and SLEEP. Alas, some days, I work straight through….

2:00-5:15 PM: I work.

5:15-6:00 PM: I drive. And I drive. On Mondays, I stop by the grocery store and fly through my list and the store aisles like Charlene and Suzanne on that one episode of Designing Women where they get the timed shopping spree through the record store.

6:00 PM: I make my way down the driveway and am rewarded with a blondie standing at the dining room window, waving and blowing kisses. If I’m REALLY lucky, there’s a stud standing in the yard, waiting to help me in and just basically lookin’ good. And I don’t mean the kind that I’m going to have to chase around in the mud to get back in the pen.

6:00-7:30-ish PM: I get my things put away in the house, put on pajama clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, and breathe the biggest sigh of relief. I then trade back and forth between getting supper on the table and playing with my girl. Then, we all eat together at the dining room table, where it’s polished off so fast that the weekly grocery-list making, meal planning, coupon-clipping, shopping, and night before prepping feels like THE BIGGEST TIME SUCK EVER.

7:30-The End of Time PM: Katie gets her bath, and we put her to bed.

Except I’m leaving out the part where we have to watch how far she can spit after she brushes her teeth and we read 7,000 more storybooks and we have to hug and smooch Penelope good night and “Wait! I didn’t want to wear these socks to bed!”

The mushy hours of nighttime are different every day, depending on whether or not B is home. If he’s home, I actually have some time after she’s been put to bed – by him – to get ready for the next day or tend to some paperwork or sit in the tub until I look like a California raisin. And then we might even get to talk to each other for a second! Or watch a movie or a T.V. show for 21 minutes until I fall asleep.

If he’s at the station, though? Yah…I usually fall asleep in her room with her and wake up like a vampire in the middle of the night to get ready for the next day and try to get myself back to sleep in my own bed. The pregnancy insomnia has really been giving me a run for my money lately, though, so I might end up watching just ONE MORE episode of “Parenthood” on Netflix…until I start to panic at the thought of my alarm going off just any minute now.

And now you’re all asleep and drooling.


  1. Anonymous2/14/2014

    That's the episode when Julia is on the jury...love this show...

    MARY JO: What'd she say?
    CHARLENE: She said she was going to hunt me down like a dog and hire blood hounds to rip my clothes off! Now, I thought the judge was just going to give her a warning. I didn't know she was going to be shut up in a motel room. Now, Suzanne, you know Julia. I mean, when this is all over she'll realize I had to do it and forgive me, don't you think?
    SUZANNE: I think you and your baby should get some black wigs on and get the hell out of town.
    MARY JO: Maybe Bill can put in for a transfer. I here there's a big base up in Greenland. On second thought, Julia'd probably just strap some snow shoes to her pumps and track you down like caribou.

    1. I have a really unhealthy obsession with this show.