20 February 2014

Summer…It’s a-Comin’

Look at this. I mean, have you ever?

Back when we first moved in to my grandparents’ old place and started settling in, my sister and her husband repainted these old plastic chairs a bright, happy red for our front porch. This baby girl insisted on modeling with the chairs for my pictures. Who could tell that pink, sweaty little face no?

Not me.

That was almost three years ago. The red paint has chipped a little since then, and the chairs now hold court in the backyard. One is by the fort, and one is by the sandbox, so that mamas and daddies and grandmas can sit and watch her play outside in comfort.

We all had such a good weekend this past weekend. The weather was so much better, if maybe a little cool and windy in the shade. Brady helped me move her sandbox over by the horse barn, right on the concrete, so that we’d be in the sunshine. We got out the sidewalk chalk and made roads and parking spots for her set of cars that she got for Christmas from Papa and Grandmother; that gift was a hit.

Then, Brady outfitted his welding cart with a saddle blanket, and she got to ride around in it for a bit. Boy, did Mama ever get a workout. Hauling her up and down the hilly slopes and driveway and around the circle drive – and around and around – because it sure was fun to wave at the horses, you know.

I’m so excited for the pretty weather, I can hardly stand myself. We had the windows open last weekend, and I’m already daydreaming about putting Baby Brother in the stroller and having us all outside: hanging up laundry, sitting and playing, watching the horses, going for walks and rides, and who knows what else.

On Sunday, she asked for another ride in the welding cart, but this time from her daddy. I was sorta relieved. He hauled her from the backyard to the barnyard and then out into the pasture. When the horses started to file in behind us, she was nine kinds of excited. Said we were some kind of parade.

For sure, girl, for sure.

Then, he led us into the woods and through the creek bed and around to the deer feeder and the deer stand, where we crawled up and took a break in the cozy. She kept saying:

“Daddy didn’t just pull me around in the yard! He took me into the WOODS!”

Yes, it’s always an adventure with that dadder.

That’s what she’s been calling him lately: Dadder. This cracks me up to no end. And she’s gone from calling me Mama most of the time to Mom.

“Look at me, Mom.”

I kinda secretly love it, although I’ve never seen myself as anything other than Mama.

We had big plans yesterday evening for her to get to ride with her daddy after he helped pen some cows, but it got later and darker faster than we realized it would. She was none too pleased to miss out on that opportunity, but we keep assuring her that good weather and long weekends of riding are coming. Soon.

I think she might be thinking Spring is some elusive pipe dream at this point.

And really…isn’t it? I mean, it’ll be spring for two days and then BOOM.


Somebody just remind me how anxious I was for better weather when I’m dripping down the back porch steps here in a few weeks….

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