06 February 2014

That Time My Type A Personality Fell Asleep

There was one night I went out with my girlfriends to eat supper at a Mexican restaurant and to watch a cartoon movie.

You’d think we’d shy away from cartoons on a night away from kids, but alas…we are fools.

“Mama, don’t pay me any mind. Just walk away.”

I was trying to get ready in a hurry after feeding my baby her supper, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to get dressed and fix my hair and put on make-up with her in my arms.

So I sat her down on the bathroom rug, hoping for a minute or two to rush through everything.

She was so quiet, and for a minute…I got lost in the hypnotizing act of straightening my hair.

I looked down to discover that she’d found a drawer. A drawer which she ransacked and unpacked faster than you can say “Let’s order cheese dip.”

And then she ran away.

“Baby, come back. If you thought unpacking was fun, you should try RE-packing. You’ll love it!”

She didn’t buy it.

And for the first time in my life, I actually thought it was neat and fun to have a drawer undone and spread across the floor. I even took pictures. This must have been the night I officially lost my marbles.

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