17 October 2014

What I Wanna Know

I’ll tell you what I wanna know…what happened to my tiny toddler girl? She’s four now, and she’s so independent. She’s so grown up and doing so much by herself. I know some of it has been accelerated because of her brother’s arrival, but she was on the cusp of so much of it already, before he got here.

She had a dental check-up a couple of days ago, and it was the first visit where they used the electric tools on her and took x-rays. She took it all like a seasoned professional. Just stoically nodding yes to the hygienist and staying put in the dental chair with her pink sunglasses on her face.

We never wore sunglasses at the dentist’s office when I was little to block that glaring light. But then again, we didn’t watch a T.V. on the ceiling, either. Instead, I stared into the mouth of Dr. Wade’s trusty hygienist for years on end. She had a haircut like Janet on “Three’s Company” and wore yellowed glasses the size of binoculars. I knew exactly which of her front teeth had a chip.

I found this ironic for a dental hygienist. I probably would have preferred staring at cartoons.

How about that look? I can already hear my mother, my sister, and my husband: Gee…wonder where she gets those cutting eyes, MAMA. Yah, yah…I hear ya’. I’ll work on it. But maybe it’s hereditary.

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

As I scroll through pictures from the past, when she was so tiny and barely able to walk around by herself, I wonder at my reactions. I’m really lucky to have a sister that shows up with a camera attached to her eyeball and takes pictures of our people and shares them with me. Especially when I hound her mercilessly for days to please send me the pictures and videos already!

If I’m not careful, she’ll quit on me altogether.

Anyway…I’m lucky to be in a good bit of the pictures, since Lesley is taking them for us most of the time. I see me watching my girl and looking at my girl. In a lot of them, I look very happy or elated or content or enthralled. In some of them, though, I look…well, normal.

I look entirely too normal. Untouched. Unaffected.

Too “this is every day and what of it?”

It seems so wrong to me now, looking back. Shouldn’t I have been over the moon in every picture? I didn’t know what I had standing right there in front of me. It’s amazing, really. I’m glad I’m able to appreciate it all now for what it was. Not that I wasn’t appreciating it then, but that’s just life. I’m sure if I was eating chocolate strawberry tarts from Christopher’s every day for breakfast, I’d eventually want to throw chocolate strawberry tarts under the nearest 18-wheeler and pick up a piece of toast, but since I don’t have them every day for breakfast, I start drooling just hearing a mention of them or passing by the restaurant.


The top two pictures are from the buckle ceremony of her winter rodeo series. It was sponsored through the Grimes County Cowboy Church, so right after that Sunday morning’s church service, they presented all of the kids with their buckles or prizes. She was so proud to walk up there with her daddy and get her buckle.

Once we got back home, it was naptime…or, as evidenced on this day, Sing Naked in Your Crib Time.

I wish I knew how to put a video on here, so that all the world could hear this sweet babe singing “The Old Gray Mare.”

She ain’t what she used to be, you know.

The mare…not the baby.

Although, it fits: the baby ain’t what she used to be, either. She’s more. So much more.


  1. Anonymous11/17/2014

    Miss her, too, but she's something else now...love her!

  2. So very true. Such a precious little lady she is now, and was then, too. I'm with 'ya - where does the time go?

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