28 March 2015

You're Never Going to Believe It

There’s nothing quite like a happy, excited, sweaty short person. I stopped by my in-laws’ house the other evening to drop off a book. When I pulled into the driveway, I saw Brady and Katie loading up a round bale. They pulled around and met me, and Katie practically flew out of the backseat and nearly crawled my legs. Which is a feat, because her four–year-old self is long and lean and right over half my height! She was so excited to see me and to ride home with me. We walked in the house to drop off the book, and her excitement peaked again at the thought of telling her grandmother all about what she’d done with Daddy that very afternoon.

“Grandmother, do I have a surprise for you! You’re never going to believe it!”

Of course, this is where she got slowed down by her boots; the boots that refused to come off her feet. All by herself, she was at the door deciding to take them off before coming further in the house, because, as she told her grandmother: I’ve been doing cow work!

How precious is that?

She finally freed her feet and told her grandmother all about how she got to DRIVE THE GATOR when feeding with Daddy. She couldn’t lean forward any farther while talking, and her face was close to bursting open. She explained how the gator got stuck in the mud, so Daddy had to push it, so guess who got to DRIVE?!

This. This is why the fire academy. This is why a firefighter. This time with them. This is how and when they will learn the important stuff.


How many days did she spend emptying every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen to set up everything her imagination could come up with?

How fast did she manage to empty the entire box of Q-tips on the bathroom floor, just so she could build pens with them?

How sweet was it seeing her in the party veil I wore at my bachelorette party, against my will?

How fast was I with the dish cloth as she crunched those Gerber snacks all over the rug?

How loud did I laugh when she insisted on wearing these all through supper?


The other night, she said that I was her favorite person in the whole world.

The feeling is mutual.

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