08 April 2016

Spring Fever

These are my absolute favorite days right now. Springtime days. Days when we can go outside and play without catching colds or without falling down faint from the heat. Which is good news, since all Beau wants to do is “Go! Go! Go!” I cannot dress him, feed him, or change him fast enough to “Go! Go! Go!”

Here we have Katie Jane Becker, springtime 2012, four years ago. She was almost two; the same age Beau is now. Loving the outside and the sprinkler and Rosie the Cat, although not as vehemently as Biggety B does.

And don’t we love the expression on Rosie’s face? If he thought life with a toddler named Katie was tough, what must he be thinking about Brady Beau? He’s looking for a typewriter to send in his resignation letter, is what.

Katie in the side yard with her great grandma Lauter’s crepe myrtles. Thank you, Grandma Lauter, for all the crepe myrtles. They have given us beauty and flowers and a look of intention around our place as we pour all our efforts, time, and money into just getting it functional for ourselves. Brady fertilized the ones in the circle drive last year, and they are so full and just THRIVING this year.

It’s sweet to think of how she planted these flowers, and now her grandbabies are living here with them, and we’re all soaking them in. When Katie was a baby and I had to go into her room into the middle of the night to help put her back to sleep, we always left the curtain on her double window cracked to let a little light in from the outside light under the eaves on that corner of the house. It was a great nightlight.

And I'd stand there on the cowhide rug and rock and sway and silently pray and stare out that crack in the curtains at this crepe myrtle outside, lit up from the halogen bulb. And quite honestly wish I was sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching TV. It was so beautiful in that light when it was blooming.

Baby belly! And look at that sweet hair and bow and all that pink and Daddy’s giant hands holding her up! Her hair is down to her waist now….

Speaking of sweet babies, here she is mesmerized by Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse on the little DVD player at the dining room table. I’d occasionally let her watch a little while feeding her. She rarely watched TV, but when she did, it was Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. Such a kind cartoon; no worries about words or actions that might hurt a little soul.

I often think I should get Beau started on them, but we don’t have cable anymore, and he seems content watching truck cartoons on Netflix on repeat. We indulge in more cartoons these days than ever before. I guess two will do that to you, when you need a little calm and quiet to recoup for a minute or get supper on the table.

It doesn’t bother me like it used to, though…I think because they are together on that couch. They sit side by side. Sometimes he’ll lean on her or lay smooth in her lap. Or they’ll hold hands. It’s got sweetness and bonding to it now. So sappy Mama has let go of just a little of that guilt.

Just a little.

,p>So, lest I get lost to tears, let’s end on a little comic relief: Lambchop drowning in the potty seat. Bless his wee heart. To be fair, this has never been used as a potty, only a stool, but still. He must be nervous as all get out behind that stitched on smile….

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